DM Transportation Management
Delivering Time and Cost Savings Across Your Entire Organization

Shine a light on the hidden transportation costs buried in your Cost Of Goods Sold (COGS) and hold your vendors accountable to a higher
standard. DM will analyze your inbound shipping and identify areas to reduce costs. Then we'll implement a routing program to optimize
savings and service as well as monitor and enforce compliance.

The pressures of Just In Time (JIT) inventory for both manufacturing and distribution continue to increase. DM relieves that strain by streamlining
the number of carriers delivering to your company and providing visibility to all your inbound shipments on our web-based Transportation
Management System (TMS) EasyFreight™. Change "It's where?" to "It's here!".

Who isn't having to do more with less nowadays? The calls, emails and website visits to multiple carriers to get a price are time consuming –
not to mention the multiple calls, emails and website visits to schedule the pickups. Additionally, you’re choosing a carrier not just based on
rates but transit time, insurance coverage and performance. DM streamlines this process by analyzing your shipping patterns and providing a
core group of quality carriers so you can compare rates, transit times and insurance coverage all on our web-based TMS EasyFreight™.
Also, you can create paperwork and schedule pickups online so you can focus on all the other calls and emails that you’re receiving.

Competition is fierce and everyone is seeking an advantage when securing additional sales. DM provides the edge you’re looking for with a
few clicks of a mouse. Your entire sales team will have access to our accurate web-based TMS EasyFreight™. Instantly view competitive prices
and transit times from multiple carriers to quickly provide your customers the pricing they want and the sales you need.

As sales continue to rise, so does the burden on your customer service staff. Tracking shipments and resolving delivery-related issues in
addition to filing and following up on claims means countless calls, emails and going to multiple websites to gather the information needed.
DM’s Single Point Of Contact (SPOC) program shifts that load from you to us. Call, click or email for a rapid resolution to all your questions.

Convert those stacks of carrier payables to one simple, easy-to-understand invoice from DM. We'll audit the carrier invoices to ensure
accuracy, file for refunds to get you the money you deserve and handle all your General Ledger (G/L) coding needs. You can receive your
invoices as a PDF or a flat file to upload into your accounting system or access them through our web-based TMS EasyFreight™. The only hard
choice you'll have is what to do with all your extra time!

Tired of being on the bottom of IT’s never-ending list of projects? Hesitant to make a major investment in an unproven system you’re not sure
will meet your needs? DM’s web-based TMS is written in the latest code utilizing reliable technology. Best of all, EasyFreight™ was created
based on our clients’ input and feedback so it is customer focused. Oh, and by the way...did we mention it's free?

For additional information, please contact Darlene J. Robbins at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (570)622-0992.