On April 22, 2013 an estimated one billion individuals from nearly 200 countries will recognize and celebrate
Earth Day with the hopes of getting one step closer to dealing with our planet's
most pressing environmental challenges. In an effort to help reduce unnecessary
waste generated by paper envelopes, A. Rifkin Co. is promoting the use of its
Keyless Security™ Mail Pouches as an Earth-Friendly alternative.

The patented security bags provide users with a low-cost and easy-to-use solution for protecting mail and
documents as they are transported by private couriers or the United States
Postal Service. To secure the bag's contents, users simply insert an individually numbered, one-time-use security
seal into the built-in Keyless Security™ closure. Any unauthorized access or tampering will
quickly be noticed due to the lack of a security seal or the presence of a differently numbered or broken seal.

A recent 8-year comparison study showed that one Rifkin security bag could replace 2,080 plastic or paper
envelope alternatives. This could generate a cost savings of up to $500 per bag and untold benefits for the environment.

Commitment to the Environment

In addition to the global impact benefits of specifying reusable security bags, you can feel confident knowing that
A. Rifkin Co. is at the forefront of the green manufacturing initiative. The Company recently installed 434 solar
panels on the roof of its 69,000 square foot manufacturing facility. The 230-watt REC Solar Panels harvest sunlight and transfer energy through one centralized inverter with a maximum efficiency of 98.3%. The system now
produces roughly 117,000 kilowatt hours of power and will measurably reduce
annual emissions and dramatically change the company's long-term carbon footprint.

A complete line of reusable security bags can be purchased directly from the Company's website, www.arifkin.com.