Available Materials

MAEA offers reference materials, many of which are for members only.


  • Wage and Salary Surveys (Regional and National)
  • Pay Trend Survey
  • Personnel Practices and Benefits Survey
  • Holiday Survey


  • Federal and State Employment Law Posters
  • Workplace Policy Posters
  • Workplace Safety Posters
  • Sexual Harassment Policy Poster
  • Drug-Free Random Policy Poster
  • Workplace Violence Policy Poster
  • Cell Phone Notice
  • Combination Poster
  • Emergency First Aid Guidelines Poster
  • Fire Extinguisher Use Poster
  • CPR Guidelines Poster
  • Backlifting Safety Poster
  • Slip, Trip & Fall Injuries Poster
  • HAZMAT Reference Guide Poster
  • Choke Saving Poster

Hotline Service

  • MAEA members may call the hotline at 570-622-0992
  • One of the most valuable member services, in light of increasing governmental regulations and employee unrest, is the Northeast Pennsylvania Manufacturers and Employers Association Hotline service. This service provides speedy answers and direction regarding urgent questions and situations that arise in the area of employee relations practices.
  • The Northeast Pennsylvania Manufacturers and Employers Association’s team of experts are just a phone call away. As a member of our association, if you or your staff have questions or need updates on the following topics, we can help:
    • Federal or State Regulatory Compliance Issues
    • Employment Policies and Practices
    • Equal Opportunity Employment Compliance
    • Fair Labor Standards Act
    • Family Medical Leave Policies
    • OSHA and DEP Regulations
    • Pending State or Federal Laws
    • Engineering Questions
    • Insurance Questions

Rapid Response Surveys

  • MAEA members can take advantage of our Rapid Response Survey service.
  • Save valuable time by requesting best practices information from our member companies in the area of your choice. Your request will be sent via e-mail to other member companies. This service alone can provide a 100% return on your membership investment!
  • A Rapid Response Survey archive is available in our Members Only section. These archives are updated daily to include recently asked questions.
  • Member companies may access this service by contacting Joan Trosterud at jtrosterud@nepamaea.com .