MAEA Roundtables

The Northeast Pennsylvania Manufacturers and Employers Association offers two types of roundtables on a regular basis: legislative and professional. Learn about them below.

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Legislative Roundtables

The Legislative Committee of the Northeast PA Manufacturers & Employers Association is committed to reviewing and supporting issues that promote a positive, proactive business environment and to developing plans and creating opportunities for the members of the Association to directly interact with their respective elected officials at all levels of government. The Association firmly believes that laws and regulations should serve the public without acting as a detriment to business development and growth.

Legislative Roundtables are one way in which the committee meets its goals.

We work with our elected officials to establish regulations and policies positively affecting the ability of a business to compete in the worldwide economy and continue to generate income and livable wage jobs that will help to improve the quality of life for all of Northeast Pennsylvania. The issues are raised by the Association’s Legislative Committee and the Association’s Board of Directors.

Professional Roundtables

The Northeast PA Manufacturers and Employers Association invites you to participate in our Professional Roundtable Series.

  • Executive
  • Human Resources
  • Legislative
  • Maintenance
  • Manufacturing/Plant Operations
  • Safety
  • Transportation/Infrastructure

As a member of a roundtable, you will exchange ideas with your peers in an informal forum for the sharing of experiences in similar situations. You will offer and be offered solutions and gain valuable feedback in a confidential setting.

The Manufacturers and Employers Association provides professional facilitators with expertise in the areas and topics most important to the members. The format includes brief comments by the facilitator or co-chair, speaker presentations, and general discussion.