2.jpgMAEA and EnerConnex Offer Group Energy Solutions

EnerConnex is The Group Energy Solutions Provider for NEPA MAEA. As a valued member and trusted partner, EnerConnex has provided significant value to many of our members over the years. EnerConnex offers a comprehensive range of value-added services for Electricity and Natural Gas Procurement, Demand Management, Energy Efficiency and Renewables. 

Powerful Energy Procurement for Your Business

EnerConnex offers integrated energy solutions tailored to commercial, industrial, government and institutional facilities across the United States, Canada, and Mexico. The EnerConnex team is comprised of industry leaders with over two decades of experience in deregulated electricity and natural gas markets.

EnerConnex optimizes the energy procurement process by focusing on the price you pay, the quantity you use, and when and how you use it. EnerConnex serves as an unbiased and supplier neutral advocate, empowering you to obtain the best price and contract terms in the market. And here is how they do it:

  • Sealed, Direct and Reverse Auction Bids: Offered through the ECX Marketplace Platform
  • Access to 70+ Unique Suppliers Across all Deregulated States, Mexico, and Canada
  • Ability to price Multiple Product Types, Terms and Conditions Simultaneously
  • Ability to Procurement Renewable Energy within and outside of Supply Agreements

Demand Management

Demand Management programs offer incentives to companies who voluntarily reduce electricity consumption during peak demands on the power grid. Participation is cost-free and risk free and not only can decrease your energy bill but will improve your companies’ commitment to sustainability and efficiency.

  • EnerConnex partners with you to learn about your energy goals. Next, we’ll utilize our best-in- class ECX Marketplace platform to find the best Demand Management option to fit your needs.
  • You earn a recurring revenue stream by infrequently acting as an insurance policy for the grid.
  • Each year you can change your contribution up or down.
  • No penalties or fees. If you are not able to meet the full commitment you will still be paid on what you have curtailed.


1.jpg           Energy Efficiency

The Energy Efficiency programs that EnerConnex offers, enable businesses in all industries to reduce energy and overall maintenance costs, increase equipment longevity and performance, and improve the work environment for your employees by boosting their safety and time-efficiency. These measures are something that all businesses should be considering with rising energy costs and employee retention. Not only are you doing good for your business but also the environment and your employees- it is truly a win for all.

Renewable Energy Expertise

EnerConnex helps organizations reach their internal sustainability targets with various energy conservation measures and renewable energy options. We help with energy supplier negotiations to include a designated percentage of green power within your agreement, assist with behind-the-meter renewable generation all while monitoring and reporting on your carbon footprint reduction.

  • Business case development and cash flow analysis
  • Design and Engineering
  • Secure Rebates and incentives (local & federal)
  • Installation

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